Friday, 22 November 2013

Christmas Saving

Christmas Is coming blah blah blah...

If you are anything like me then I suspect most of the shopping is done.

Judicious use of vouchers has really reduced my outlay.

Take the beginning of the month for example. The Chap is getting a SamsungTab 3 retails for £299.
I managed to get it for £235. By using my tesco club card vouchers and then buying it online to get an extra £20 off, plus another tender as it was my first online Tesco shop. I only had to wait two days, and considering it is still only November that's no hardship.

I have also picked up a couple of surprises, he knows nothing about. The Chap is not at all curious so I am not expecting him to go a searching. But, I am keen to know what his Christmas ideas are for me. He has not asked for any suggestiones and never visits shops. I have arranged all his family's gifts. 

So I am currently reviewing all post office cards saying there is a parcel waiting for him and as the sorting office is 200 yardsfrom my office have also been very helpful by picking them all up for him. If I am being given a Return of the Jedi poster I shall be most unhappy.

Also TC if you are reading (which he never does) any cleaning or cooking implement also comes under the "that is a shit present" heading. 

As it is our first proper Christmas living together I have invested in a special Christmas decoration that the cats cannot destroy.

Isn't he just precious.

eBay  has come up trumps again when it comes to work shoes..check out these bad boys for £1.24
So many nice comments from my lovely new colleagues.

And finally I had my 3 month appraisal (1 and a half months late, but hey who is counting.) and it went so very well. What a change 12 months has brought.. I am now happier, closer to home and saving a bloody fortune walking to work, not to mention 3 and a half hours better off every day.

Whoop de whoop! Wonder what next year will bring?

Frugally yours


  1. Abigail! Good to see you back! I've was a little worried about you but presumed that you were settling into your new job - glad its going great!

    Love the shoes, love the price even better!! :)

  2. Glad to hear all is going well and that life is good. Nice to see you are still being frugal!

  3. There are plenty of ways to spend it all this holiday season and also, plenty of ways to save. I've read this nice article about the top 10 apps that will help you manage your finances this Christmas:


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