Monday, 26 August 2013

Division Of Labour

I often think that living with a guy successfully is all about hiding the CRAZY.

My crazy I mean, not The Chap's.

I don't mean clown wearing, axe wielding, rocking uncontrollably crazy. I mean hiding the fact I am obsessed about cleaning between my toes and not telling him  I count everything from steps to windows or those times when I suddenly think of the perfect comeback to a situation I faced years ago and say it out loud.

The Chap is not weird at all. The strangest thing I can say about him is sometimes he can through 3 pairs of socks a day. I don't know why or how, but I find them all over the place.

So, today is a case in point, TC needed a new suit for work, as he flies out to Norway this week, before returning to fly out with me on a much longed holiday.

So we were in M&S moaning about the machine washable suits were mainly slim fit for skinny jean wearing boys and not manly broad chested hunks of testosterone. Clothes shopping, is a chore for TC as he prefers to order items from the Internet, so clothes shopping is somewhere on a par with Ikea, Macros and queuing at the the post office in his mind.

Well, I had a wander off, only looking I promise! And was trying on some shoes when I realised that only half of my toes were painted, literally every other toe on each foot. The lady sitting next to me also noticed and was nudging her friend trying to get her to look.

I had been painting my toes before bed a couple of days ago and had only done every other so they would not smudge then I decided I was tired and meant to paint the rest the following day. I forgot.

So this morning I quickly grabbed my socks, and made a lunge for my trainers shoving them on.

It turns out ....on the wrong feet.

I couldn't then put them on the right feet as TC wandered over, and I was too embarrassed to change them over. 

 I spent the next twenty minutes as he paid for his suit with my shoes on the wrong feet.

I am thirty seven years old..this is a complete fail.

TC is none the wiser.

You see, hiding the CRAZY.

He is happily ignorant and together we are perfectly happy.

What crazy do you hide from your other half?

Frugally yours


  1. I'm not sure I hide anything now. He has grown to know my foibles and I his, over the years. Occasionally I will say something and he responds 'too much information".


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