Friday, 16 August 2013

Sorry Sorry Sorry

Sorry for the blogging break, but with my new job life has been hectic but I am back now and raring to go.

Firstly, work is great! getting home at five is AWESOME, The Chap loves it. Proper meals every night and no frozen food. I am finding my love of cooking agin as I am not doing it shattered after a ten hour day. he is just working is little socks off and going away to Europe at least twice a month for a few days at a time. 

So I have been spending a lot of evenings trying to clean up the mess all the DIY created. The kitchen is so very nearly finished all that's left is hanging the new door and putting a blind up so hopefully I can debut it soon.

We have been up to Scotland for a wedding which was so much fun.

But I think I told you all about that last time.

My potato crop has been harvested, a little early but still a good amount.

A lot of boiled spuds have been eaten, and we were getting sick of them, so now it's potato salad. 

We've even had the odd spring onion from the garden.

But my favourite thing about the last few months is I have finally got a Costco card.

Being so tight I refused to pay the annual membership fee of £25. So The Chap got a card through work as he is in the favoured professions, then his work very kindly paid for my membership too. I knew that I would never get him to go again (it's on a par with Ikea) in his mind. Hence the reason I had to get my own card.

We spent a lot on our first visit, but it is so worth a trip. Good savings to be had. Meat and fish is getting so expensive to buy at the supermarket, buying in bulk is a great idea.

I bought 48 loo rolls, very good quality for £13
* 4 huge tenderloins for £11.51 that will do eight meals for the two of us .
*4 huge racks of ribs for £10.25' I pay £5.99 for one rack in the supermarket. 4 meals there. Tonight I roasted one rack for 25 mins in dry rub and BBQ sauce  then put it in the slow cooker for 2 and a half hours. Salad and more home grown boiled spuds finished it off with Aldi mayo at 89p / bottle.

*4 huge haddock fillets for £7.98 again 4 meals there for the pair of us.
* 10 chicken fillets that are massive and so much better that the little things from the supermarket at £10.23. One fillet does both of us in a curry.
*of course have the The Chap with you whilst shopping also meant I got conned to also buying a catering size bag of chicken nuggets for 10.69 and another 2kg bag of hash browns for £2.49. Perhaps it's not a bad idea he does not go again.
* Every week we take a bottle of our favourite wine Barefoot Merlot to his parents for Sunday lunch. £7.99 a bottle in Tesco. We got a box of 6 bottles for £26.39 a saving of £20.
*Cat items were also a lot cheaper. I pay £10 for 10kg bag of Catsan in the supermarket and pet superstores, there it £7. And a 4kg bag of GoCat for 6.19 also a lot cheaper.

We spent a small fortune on our trip, but enjoyed spending some time together and I have only been buying vegetables, milk etc since and we went on the 27th July. I am definitely going again in 2-3 months.

In conclusion, it is worth spending the £25 to join and 2-3 trips and you will be in pocket, especially if looking at big ticket items. But, if you can get work to pay, even better!

Frugally yours


  1. I wondered where you had gone but guessed that the new job was taking up your energy. Glad its going so well and your arriving home at a decent time in the evening.
    Your tea looks lovely x

  2. Lovely blog you have there, read that you got a new job, that is super awesome! Keep on bloggin'! ;)


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