Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A Touch Of Luxury

My new job has sent me away for a night as I have a training day starting early tomorrow nearly 200 miles from home.

The negative? The Chap flew off to Norway on Monday for two night and arrived home this evening well after I had left to go "up north".

So I will only see him tomorrow evening.

The positive? I was expecting a Premier Inn or Travel Lodge, and I got a Radisson Blu. It is so luxurious.

After some pub grub, I wandered my way back to the hotel and have had a lovely bath using all their pots of silliness.

I am now lying on the bed about to watch old episodes of The West Wing on the IPad, using the free wifi that is available to guests. All without the guilt of "I should clean the bathroom / do the ironing".

I could never be a commercial sales person, on the road day after day, night after night in some soulless hotel. But as a one off this is pure bliss.

Frugally yours

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  1. Lush! Enjoying it while you can was a good decision.


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